Herdbook Corrections

June and July have been huge months for registrations.  Thanks to all who have sent in paperwork.

In the course of processing these registrations, we’ve run across errors in breed composition for a couple of high-impact sires in the breed.  Correcting these errors will also impact the breed composition of any of their ancestors.

For a description of the major corrections that were made, please reference the linked document, which we will keep updated if others come along: Major Herd Book Corrections 071417.  If you feel you have animals that may be impacted, please contact the office and we will help guide you through correction.

We’ve also made some other corrections in animals with more localized impact. For a complete list of animals that have been corrected so far, please consult the spreadsheet below (note the tabs along the bottom of the sheet).  If you would like corrected registration certificates for any of these animals, please send back the originals and we will re-print for you at no charge. Corrections to RRCA Database.

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